Dear JoAn,

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with my painting. As I study it, I see so many things in it. I can see how I have ascended to a point of calmness or mellowness because of my closeness to God, which you captured so beautifully. It's a pleasure to know you and now have a connection with you through your marvelous talent.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
With deep respect,

Glenda Cooper
Las Vegas, NV


 Spiritual Essence of Glenda Cooper



Dearest JoAn,

You are remarkable! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what you painted of my essence. I saw my whole journey in front of me, and I cannot begin to tell you how mesmerized I was. You captured my whole persona, and made me realize on a soul level that I was to embark on a journey I had only dreamed of. Thank you so much! You're incredible! When I do my next album, I would love to use my painting on the inside of my album cover!"
Your fan forever,

Charles (Chas) West
Rock Entertainer
Los Angeles, CA


Spiritual Essence of Chas


Dearest JoAn,

When we received our personal essence that you created, we were stunned and so impressed at how you intuitively picked up the spiritual connection my daughter and I have. Words cannot describe our feelings. We knew immediately what a fantastic gift you possess, and how honored we feel to have one of your original 'masterpieces'. It is hanging in our living room, so we may view it every moment. You're incredible, and we feel very blessed. The world will someday recognize who you are, and your blessed talent. We thank you so very much.

Dr. Karen Stevens
Ms. Carla Stevens
Liverpool, UK



 Spiritual Essence of Dr. Karen Stevens & Ms. Carla Stevens



Dear JoAn,
When I originally asked you to paint what you felt from my spirit, I had no idea how it would turn out. When you brought it to me I was so moved and impressed with the results. You captured an important aspect of one of my past lives, and brought out an entire scenario to this lifetime. I was also so fascinated with the color scheme, which too brought a sense of purpose and meaning to me. I have this beautiful painting now hanging in my office, where many of my clients have commented on your gift of Universal connection.
Thank you so much,
Dr. Richard Visone
Las Vegas, NV

Spiritual Essence of Dr. Richard Visone



Dear JoAn,
Testimony to Personal Essence "Cyclone Peace"
Many people seen many things, like a volcano erupting that made total
sense with me, another was a big heart in the center with creation above, a
bunny rabbit with its paws to the skies, Ravens on the side of the world...We
all seen together...This picture brought a lot of fun life about...It has made
me look at that fun.

JoAn had no idea that my meditation is "What's it like in the middle of
a cyclone"...Nor had she met me...When I went for a showing of the other
Essence...She had done my essence by the vibration of my voice over the
phone...Low and behold there was the peace in the middle of the cyclone ...on
the outside you could clearly see the chaos...Times go by where I let the
total chaos catch me...It has been a message to me to stay in the peace with
love and watch the chaos go by.

Thank-You JoAn!!!

Connie Timko, L.M.T, C.R.S., C.S.F.


Spiritual Essence of ConnieTimko



Dear JoAn,

I was so overwhelmed when I saw my essence. The initial feeling was the calming pleasure of color and interest in the intricate pattern on the canvas. The greater experience was that of the soul’s recognition that this is a viewing of home, my true home; all I know of myself beyond the veil of the existence where our consciousness lives. The canvas became the window to the spiritual dimension that “I know” represents all that one strives for “the perfection of spirit”.

Many times during my day, comfortably curled in my wingback chair, I absorbed and was absorbed by, “The Diamond Within”. Captured in the painting shines serenity from my face peering back at me from the Light. I can see the reflection in my expression is ‘my wish, that all souls could experience their own unique journey in this very special way’.

Bless you JoAn and all you are and for having the courage to share your Light within.

With Love,

Diane Price

Spiritual Essence of Diane Price


Dearest Master,
Avatar and Friend JoAn
As I watch the unfoldment of your creations, I am touched by the essence created for each person
for within are messages for myself as well.
You gift clarity of the past, the present and the future. Understanding of where we have been, where we are, and acceptance of the perfection of each step into our footprints beyond the known present.
You teach us the magnificence of ourselves and of each person within each essence you create.
I am blessed in this journey with you dear friend.
Love You Old Artifact
Deloriann Irwin
Calgary, Alberta. Canada

Spiritual Essence of Deloriann Irwin





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