By JoAn Greinert


We are all blessed with creative vision, in one form or another; after all we are all entwined in the tapestry of a wondrous Divine Plan. It became obvious to me many years ago that I was blessed with creative vision which enables me to connect to peoples spiritual Light. I tune in to a message from their spirit, conveying it to a painting for them. I've always been aware of a very special connection with the Universe.


I have been asked to explain how the process of my personal essence paintings begin. It is not necessary for me to know my subject personally. People I have never met, or even spoke to have commissioned me. Sometimes I ask for a photo of the client(s), especially when I am inundated with requests. (I also do couples.)


I begin by sitting in front of a blank canvas, channeling in the person's spirit, through a short period of meditation. My hands go immediately to my paints, and the colors chosen by the message. One example is illustrated with "Diana's Message to William". I prefer not knowing any of my client's chosen or favorite colors, as it is not their human choice; again, it's the message's choice. Then I intuitively choose the music I feel from their vibration, and my paintbrush begins to create. I usually do not stop until it is complete, being a prolific artist; this is why I've chosen the medium acrylic, for its drying factor. There are exceptions to every rule, and I have had clients who were going through many changes in their life, and when I pick up that realization, I wait until I feel the timing is correct to start the painting. The emotional, spiritual and soul connection my clients have shown, vary from astonishment, tears, joy, and emotional release. As we know we have many levels of comprehension, so at whatever level of your perception is at the time of first viewing the painting, you will find a message channeled just for you. As you grow spiritually, the painting will take on a new point of observation, thus continuously revealing new messages.


Not all of my artwork is personal essence portraits. The majority of my paintings are messages the Universe has for the world to assist in opening people's mind's eye to 'see' beyond their limited five senses. Each symbol, each brush stroke, and every color, and medium is to reach them on a soul/spiritual level of understanding. I am a Messenger, a tool of the Universe, and feel blessed to channel these messages for you.


Those who would like to have their Personal Essence done, please note this is a unique, specialized and personal commissioned order. Because of that fact, All Sales Are Final, and a 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon ordering. When your specialized artwork is complete, I will contact you, and the balance is to be paid in full prior to shipping. I am sure you will enjoy your painting, *as so many others have, to see and feel what your spirit is telling you. (Testimonials) All orders are accompanied by Artist's written interpretation. Also a "Certificate of Authenticity"  will be sent with painting, signed by the Artist.






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