JoAn Greinert
Spiritual/Cosmic Artist

As a young child growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I had an awareness that I was different from other children. I had this, as my parents put it, wild imagination setting me apart from my peers, and my family. It wasn't until my adulthood that I became aware of the true reality of my Spirit, and understood my incredible journey, and the necessary steps to achieve what I was always meant to do. I had a gift of communication, whether it was with words, or later to discover, with relaying messages in symbolic sight artworks.

As well as art, writing became an important part of my communicative skills. These writings of Spiritual awareness, was so natural, the words just flowed, as if I was writing these words with direct communication from the Universe. Many writings have been published in metaphysical publications.

The paintings I have created are also spiritually inspired, and painted in a state of a spiritual connection, free flowing and not pre-designed by pencil sketching. Being a self-taught artist, without any prior education in this field, I let the meaning of my work speak for itself. My paintings are not impressionist based on the work of others; they are cosmically inspired. Within a few short years, I have become a very prolific painter, painting in short spaces of time, and with no prior knowledge as to exactly what the subject will be, I just paint the messages that come through. It is only when I paint personal spiritual essences that I have a subject in mind, and are created with a unique attunement to the spirits of these people. Having been blessed with this gift, the responses from everyone I have painted are filled with an emotional soul connection that they feel immediately upon viewing my work of them. I also present them my written interpretation of the painting, along with a Certificate of Authenticity. I paint what I spiritually feel, not what I physically see, for it is the Spirit of one's true Self that is the reality, not the physical.

Since I began painting 3 1/2 years ago, my work has reached many people in all walks of life, who have encouraged me to help raise the consciousness of humankind through the symbolic images I am guided to paint. One such person is a titled member of the British Royal Family, and a fellow artist, Lady Lori Churchill Spencer who I met in 1997. She was very instrumental, inspiring me to bring my work to the world, rather than just keep painting as a hobby. My art has touched viewers so deeply, as each person views them at the level and degree of their own spiritual evolution, and connects with each piece differently. They feel in touch with a part of their spirit they may normally not be in tuned with on a day-to-day basis, but something helps them open to a new vibration. As many have commented: "I don't know what just happened, yet I know that something wonderful has just taken place in a very deep level of my being".

In September 2000 I launched the first grand opening of my web site with many galleries displaying my art, which has brought worldwide recognition, and many wonderful comments, such as Dr. Karen Stevens from the United Kingdom, who claimed she had a spiritual healing and transformation while viewing my art on the web. She has also called my work "Prophecies on Canvas". Inquiries from galleries all over the world also came in, i.e., Museum of Modern Art, Royal Academy of Arts, Spiritual Art International Exhibition, to name a few. A local newspaper contacted me for an interview and wrote a story entitled "Artist's subjects are not always famous". A prestigious website wrote to ask me to become a member of "Phenomenal Women of the Web", among many other on-line galleries who requested me to join them.

My goal, short and long term, is to bring a new dimension of a spiritual nature through my artwork, and writings, to help humankind understand their wondrous journeys, and assist them in finding their truth, and their reality. The expressions in each painting carries many symbolic messages Divinely inspired, and connecting to their meaning individually and worldwide is what my purpose is for humanity.


JoAn Greinert